• St. Patrick’s Day at the Cricketers Rest

    Sat, 17 March 2018

    Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day aren’t they? Well to help you celebrate your Irish heritage, however slight it might be, the Cricketers Rest will be offering 10% off Guinness all day. There’s no pot of gold at the Cricketers, however there is certainly some great beer to be found instead.

    Cricketers Rest

  • St. Patrick’s Day at the Horse and Plough

    Sat, 17 March 2018

    To help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the correct way, the Horse and Plough will be offering pints of Guinness for only £3. The Horse and Plough won’t be held responsible for you enjoying your night and potentially telling people you see a Leprechaun.

    Horse and Plough

  • St. Patrick’s Day at the Willowbrook

    Sat, 17 March 2018

    The Willowbrook are offering a great range of promotions on Irish drinks for St. Patrick’s Day. Of course Guinness will be on offer, however there will also be a range of other Irish drinks available, something you may not have ever tried before and will guarantee to make your celebrations even better! Make sure you […]

    The Willowbrook

  • Easter Sunday at the Fox & Grapes

    Sun, 01 April 2018

    The electrifying blues rock sound of the Tony Crosby Band is back at the Fox & Grapes after a stellar performance earlier in 2018. As you don’t have to get up on Monday morning, join the team at the Fox & Grapes for a fantastic night of incredible music and great beer!

    Fox & Grapes

  • Easter Weekend at the Embankment

    Fri, 30 March 2018 - Mon, 02 April 2018

    Although the date of Easter changes every year, our pubs have their fingers on the pulse to bring you a weekend full of fantastic activities. Throughout the weekend, the Embankment are hosting a north vs south beer festival featuring both cask and keg beers. The Embankment can finally settle the debate of who is better, […]

    The Embankment

  • St. George’s Day at the Golden Eagle

    Mon, 23 April 2018

    To celebrate the patron saint of England, the Golden Eagle will be stocked their bar full of themed beer specials just for the occasion. You’ll find plenty of quality British ale available to celebrate in style.

    Golden Eagle

  • Castle Rock Yard Party

    Fri, 18 May 2018 - Sat, 19 May 2018

    Our Yard Party (think beer festival meets music festival) is back this Spring for two days of frivolity! Join us on Friday 18th and/or Saturday 19th May for 40+ beers in cask and keg (20 at a time), street food featuring Smoqued, and live music curated by our fabulous friends at The Maze – Nottingham’s […]

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