Tom Huggon

English hopped pale ale, light, bright and flavourful
4.2% ABV

An English hopped pale ale, light, bright and flavourful.

A beer for the man of many titles! Tom Huggon has been making a difference in Nottingham for decades, as deputy lieutenant at Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottingham’s official town crier, president of Nottingham Civic Society, executive vice president of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust (formerly chairman).

He was also chairman of the National Medicines Committee and chairman of the board at the Nottingham Playhouse to name a few more titles!
Nottingham City Council have also named him as their ‘Open and Green Space Champion’.

He has been instrumental in a number of positive projects for the city and in particular has been a champion of the city’s heritage, wildlife and green spaces and it is our pleasure to pay hommage to Tom with a beer.

Available in cask.

Available January to March 2020