Traffic Street Specials #8: Guns of Navarone

Double mashed and double hopped IPA
10.3% ABV

Several months ago now, Dan Gilliland asked Adrian Redgrove, head brewer at Castle Rock, what the highest ABV was that could be acheived on its 40bbl brewing kit. Adrian’s reply was 6%, to which Dan said “Right. I want to double it”.

So began the story of Guns of Navarone, the first re-iterated IPA brewed at Castle Rock. G.O.N’s re-iterated mash means that we mashed in once, and then re-mashed in with the wort from the first mash, rather than hot water from the hot liqour tank. This created a super-sweet, super-malty wort that the US-05 yeast could absolutely go to town on. It wasn’t just about getting a punchy ABV though. We combined this wort with several extremely generous hop additions (Motueka and Waimea from NZ) and the result is a complex, bitter and refreshing double IPA with big peach & tropical fruit aroma and a bitter orange peel taste, clocking in at 10.3% (not quite double, but a fine effort!)

Guns of Navarone will be available in cask and keg; look out for it in Castle Rock pubs and beyond from March onwards.


Available March to December 2016