We would like to thank Trevor Riddiough for providing us all with 100 Walks from the Poppy and Pint, available below. He has cheered up many a dreary a lockdown day and for that we can all be grateful!

A note from Trevor:

Welcome to our fourth volume of ‘100 Walks from the Poppy and Pint’. This volume contains Spring Walks for you to enjoy now that the lockdown has eased. I hope that you find it useful.

You will find 49 walks in this volume bringing the total number of walks in the series to 150! This volume is quite different to the other volumes.

These walks have been specially selected from a wider radius of Lady Bay. This gives us more choice, more variety, and the chance to showcase different areas. Most of the walks start within 30 minutes’ drive from the Poppy and Pint and most are relatively short walks of around two to three hours.

All have been chosen because they hold one or more points of interest. Moreover, the paths are quiet, they are varied, and all are on good, waymarked paths. This makes them ideal spring walks just after the lockdown.

Being out on the trail in the open air anywhere lifts the spirits, is good for the soul, and gives our lives a different perspective. I think we always feel better when we come back from a walk! Do try it and see!


The complete set of books now looks like this:

 Volume 1 – Walks directly from The Poppy and Pint – 43 Walks

Volume 2 – Walks 20 minutes’ drive from The Poppy and Pint – 34 Walks

Volume 3 – Winter Walks from the doorstep of The Poppy and Pint – 24 Walks

Volume 4 – Spring Walks around 30 minutes’ drive from The Poppy and Pint – 49 Walks

The total number of walks is 150!


Thanks so much for your support and interest. We hope that this publication encourages you to ‘get out there’ and we hope to see you on the trail one day. If not, maybe in The Poppy and Pint when this is all over to compare notes and share ideas. Happy Rambling from Lady Bay and be sure to stay in touch!

Best wishes,

Trevor Riddiough March 2021