We know you’ll have a lot of questions about re-opening. and so we’ll try and answer some of those here.

For our booking terms and conditions, click here.
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Are all your pubs opening on the 4th?

No. You can find out all the information in this regard on out 2020 page.


The Pub Experience

What will visiting your pubs be like?

Things will be different, we can’t lie. You’ll need to wait to be seated, and we’ll need to take your details and show you our house rules. It’ll be table service only and there’ll be signage and stickers everywhere – and in some cases, a strict one-way system. We know how important pubs are for the heart, soul and mind however, and we’ll constantly work on making the experience as comfortable and as natural as we can – but we’ll need you’re patience and understanding to do this too.

What are you doing to help keep customers and staff safe?

The safety of our teams and customers is central to everything, and no, we’re not just saying that. It has underpinned everything we’ve done. From enhanced cleaning schedules and physical distancing, to contactless ordering and capacity management, all information in this regard is here.

What’s the maximum group size?

We will only allow a maximum of six people in our pubs, either via booking or walk-in. As per our T&Cs, we cannot guarantee our tables will be able to fully accommodate the 1m+ physical distancing required for groups of separate households, so we recommend group bookings are within household or support bubbles.

Can I sit with my friends if we’re not on the same table, or push tables together?

While we normally aim to be as accommodating as possible, unfortunately this is a no. Tables are where they are because they comply with physical distancing guidelines and each individual table can only be used by a group who have arrived as a group, or have pre-booked as a group.

Can I stand at the bar / stand and drink

Unfortunately not, it’s table service only so absolutely no standing at the bar or vertical drinking.

Are you still serving food?

Some pubs are, and others have decided not to to start with. Visit our 2020 page for more.


Our booking terms and conditions and 2020 page may answer a lot of your questions, please see above.

Do I need to book?

All of our pubs are accepting walk-ins, but the only way to guarantee a table is to pre-book. Our pubs are accepting bookings in different ways, click here for more.

How long are booking slots?

The Canalhouse and Willowbrook slots last 2h45, and the Bread and Bitter, Stratford Haven and Fox & Grapes slots last 1h45.
The rest of our pubs that are open have a bit more flexibility in terms of slot lengths.

Do walk-ins have to leave after a certain time?

You may have to leave if there is a walk-in due on that table, yes. Where possible and at manager discretion, we may be able to move you to a free table.

Is there a deposit?

To book with Gigantic, you will need to pay a £5 deposit per table. This will come off your first round when you arrive. This is non refundable unless you give us 24+ hours cancellation notice.