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Staff at Castle Rock’s Vat and Fiddle on Queensbridge Road have been awarded Nottingham CAMRA’s 2011 award for their commitment to stout and porter – two sometimes under recognised real ales highlighted in the city’s Stout and Porter stroll, held for three weeks in March.

(l-r) The Vat’s Tony Aram and Ed Sullivan with Nottingham CAMRA chairman, Steve Westby and Ray Kirby at the Vat and Fiddle.

Ed Sullivan and Tony Aram were presented with their best beer certificate by CAMRA’s Ray Kirby who thanked them for their efforts. “Many pubs took up the challenge to serve additional stout and porter for the ‘stroll’, but the Vat was the clear winner with nearly half the votes cast going to them. Drinkers appreciated not just the quality of the ales served but also the wide choice available.”

Ed Sullivan confirmed that at one point no fewer than four stouts and porters were available. “Castle Rock’s Merlin, the month’s wildlife beer, featured prominently throughout, but we were delighted to be able to add other tastes to the choices on offer.”