The award is an Ofqual Regulated Qualification, accredited by Qualsafe Awards and meets the New Standards for First Aid at Work Training. Training will take place through an approved Centre, Aly Greenway Workplace Training.

This is a one day course (lunch and refreshments are included).

Please note, all candidates must be:

  1. Physically capable of kneeling besides a casualty and have enough strength to perform chest compressions (Painful knee joints, RSI or arthritis in the wrists and hands can make performing chest compressions very painful/awkward)
  2. Be able to perform rescue breaths. (People with breathing difficulties or very heavy smokers can find rescue breaths hard.)
  3.  Should feel comfortable seeing and dealing with blood and injuries.
  4. Able to kneel down on the floor to preform CPR and put casualty in the recovery position: on the floor.

To get the Level 3 qualification Learners must be competent in performing the above tasks.  Please get in touch if you have any concerns.

Training Dates:

Currently we have no training dates available. Please check back here for updates.
Thank you for your understanding.


For more information or for alternative course information, please email or call Sarah on 07442 491292

Please see our Training Brochure and full dates below for all the information you need in one place:

Training Centre Brochure