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We're excited to announce that two more delicious brews are available from this week: #8 GUNS of NAVARONE and #9 ENJOY YOURSELF. Lewis Townsend provides the update...

We’ve added to the weighty tome that is The Traffic Street Specials story; described by Dan Gilliland as a chaotic mix of crushing panic and euphoric highs. From this week, look out for a reiterated pale amber IPA clocking in at 10.3% (Guns of Navarone) as well as a session pale ale with lashings of fresh grapefruit (Enjoy Yourself).

Many months ago, Dan Gilliland approached Castle Rock’s head brewer Adrian Redgrove and posed the question “what is the highest ABV we can achieve with this brewing kit?”. Stoically, Adrian responded that the brewery cannot really attain above 6% by conventional methods. “Right. I want to double it” came Dan’s reply. We had acheived a high ABV with Little Bitch, but that was using a parti-gyle brewing process which produced less barrels and so it was easier to crank up the ABV. To achieve a high ABV using the full kit from scratch (and ensuring a decent efficiency!) required further thought. We used the re-iterated mash method (mashed in once, then re-mashed in using the collected wort for a super sweet result). Using this method on a 40bbl brewing kit was no mean feat!

We then imparted several extremely generous additions of NZ hops (Motueka and Waimea). The birthbeer of this combination is Guns of Navarone, a 10.3% double mash IPA with big pineapple and stone fruit aromas as well as a refreshing, assertive bitterness and tropical fruit taste.

Of course, this was about much more than just attaining a beefy ABV, this was about once again further pushing the capability of our brewing kit; something which represents a continuous challenge (hence the crushing panic!)

Now on to #9 Enjoy Yourself. Session pale ales have been the bread and butter of beer ranges for a loooooong time now, and for the Traffic Street Specials we knew it was important to start looking at creating a few. This is our first beer in this ‘genre’. Enjoy Yourself brings out the zestiness of Cascade with an addition of fresh grapefruit juice and zest for a punchy and tart explosion on the palate – all at a pleasantly lovely 4% ABV.

We’re launching both of these beers on Wednesday 16th March 18:00 at the New Barrack Tavern in Sheffield. Excitingly, this also falls during SIBA BeerX as well as Sheffield Beer Week; so it would be great to see you for a weeklong celebration of great beer!

As always, we love talking about beer. When you get your hands on #8 and #9, let us know what you think! You can contact either me or Dan on Twitter (@TSSDroid & @Traffic_Street) as well as email (lewis.townsend@trafficstreet.co.uk and dan.gilliland@trafficstreet.co.uk)


Lewis Townsend