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In an heartfelt return to the Embankment, Forest legend Viv Anderson has thanked and praised beer drinkers and Forest fans for helping him raise £2,603 (and 5p!) for prostate cancer research

Viv Anderson, Robert Oldroyd, a Prostate Cancer UK volunteer and Embankment manager, Shereen Hutchinson

Viv joined us at the pub, a stone’s throw from the City Ground, to hand the money over to Robert Oldroyd, a locally based Prostate Cancer UK charity volunteer.

In May 1989, the mighty Reds were in Munich preparing for their European Cup final match against Malmo. Forty years on, to the day, Viv joined fans at The Embankment pub to reminisce, have a laugh, enjoy a beer and help his chosen charity.

Through donations, an auction and the sale of Castle Rock Brewery’s ‘Viv Anderson MBE’ Nottinghamian Celebration ale, we’re chuffed to say the charity is thousands of pounds richer. 20p a pint was added through the sale of ‘Viv’s’ ale in its time on bars across Nottingham.

Jon Eserin, director of fundraising at Prostate Cancer UK, said: “It’s fantastic to see that Castle Rock Brewery’s ‘Viv Anderson MBE’ has been such a success and we are grateful to Viv and Castle Rock for raising funds for Prostate Cancer UK.”

‘Viv Anderson MBE’, was our May to July celebration ale. One of four a year honouring the achievements of the native and adopted sons and daughters of the city, Viv’s ale was a 4.2% ABV Pilsner-style pale beer. The recipe was based on Viv’s own preferences.

Viv Anderson has supported Prostate Cancer UK since 2016, when he took on their Football to Amsterdam fundraising bike ride. Since then, he has supported awareness of prostate cancer, especially within black communities, where men face a four times higher risk of the disease.

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