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The Castle Rock Brewery family share their tips and advice for taking care of your well-being during times of uncertainty.

Mental health experts are predicting that the mental health impact of Coronavirus will long outlive the physical health impact of the pandemic. Thankfully, a collective effort is taking place across the world to prioritise our well-being, probably for the first time in history.

The Castle Rock family has been no different. We’ve spoken openly about mental health in the past, and the last few weeks have seen colleagues across the company build on that conversation.

We asked the Castle Rock them to share their tips for staying positive and finding happiness in uncertain times like these…


Feel the sun on your face. Read a book. Phone a friend. Go commando. Stay in touch. Dance like no one is watching. Sleep in. We will meet again. – Ness

Dance. I danced around my living room to Mariah Carey’s “Honey” yesterday. It’s a total jam and I was grinning from ear to ear. – Matt

Remember that not everyone is able to experience this in warmth and comfort. Try to keep your perspectacles on. Be kind. And take your time over things. For once, we’re not in a hurry. – Liv

If you haven’t given in yet and watched Tiger King on Netflix, do it. Tigers, cults, death threats…every box is ticked for pure enjoyment. – Lee

Lots of gardening. Getting up every morning with coffee and the radio. A little drop of booze. And definitely no bra. – Pauline

Spend this time investing in yourself and reflecting on your life positively. Read that book you’ve been meaning to read for years, play that game, learn more about that subject you’ve been interested in but always told yourself you’d get to later. – Robbie

Get your creative juices flowing! Do the things you “wouldn’t have time for” usually. Let yourself relax. Read a book. Dig up some old clothes and play dress up. Get some glitter on your face and dance! And get outside if you can. – Marcella

Spend time with your children doing things you wouldn’t usually do. I’m teaching my daughter how to cook which I never normally have time for. I also let her dye my hair pink… -Sarah

Bake. Go on a family walk near home. Have a games night. My husband and I are playing cards in the evenings and trying silly Tik Toks (and nearly breaking each other’s ankles!) – Jesse

I took a colleague’s advice and joined a dating site. I’m covered for dinner for the next three years once this is over… – Ellaine

Do a home workout with tins of beans or bottles of bleach. Learn a new instrument. Re-visit your GCSE French. Read the classic books you’ve never read before. – Gaz


How are you looking after your well-being during this turbulent time? Let us know!

Be safe and, in the words of Ness, ‘we will meet again’!

Team CRB x

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