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Castle Rock is proud to offer dog-friendly spaces in our pubs*. We met up with some of our regular customers and their owners!

Reports have shown humans love their dogs in the same way they do their children, and apparently the feeling is mutual. So, if we respond to our dogs in the same way we do our human family members, it’s no surprise that we see our canine friends as more than just pets. They’re part of the family, beloved creatures of our daily lives, comrades and companions, guiders and protectors, life-savers, mental-health boosters, and our best friends.

Freddie with owner Elin, in the Vat & Fiddle

There are a whopping 8.5 million pet pooches in the UK, with an estimated 1,303 households with dogs in the Midlands alone. Us Midlands folk also have the highest percentage of dogs per household in the UK (both in the East and West), with an average of 1.5, while our pals down in the Capital are at only 1.1 per household… shameful.

So, if we experience the same kind of love for our furry friends as we do our children, it’s no surprise that many dog owners love a dog friendly pub. There’s even a website (doggiepubs.org.uk) dedicated to listing dog-friendly pubs for your perusal.

We hear stories of folk trekking miles for a night in the pub with their dog, after finding they’re not welcome in their local, or owners simply deciding to stay home instead of suffering the guilt they feel at leaving their companion at home. Really, everyone misses out when a pub doesn’t

Taffie in the Bread & Bitter

welcome dogs. We’re proud to be a dog-friendly pub group, with at least one area in all* our pubs welcoming dogs.(All we ask is that you keep your dog on a lead, ensure they are safely out of the way and aren’t a tripping hazard, and are clean and well behaved.)

In the latest edition of the Castle Rock Quarter, we launched a new feature to celebrate our pub dogs. There were so (so so so) many entries sent in that we’ve decided Wo/Man’s Best Friend will be back in each edition for the foreseeable future. For now, have a browse of these lovely future and share snaps of your dog enjoying our pubs with #CastleRockDogs

From top to bottom, left to right: Barley, Gus, Harvey, Bruce, Issy, Janet, Flash, Wookie, Bear, Elsie Mo, Tucker, Preston, Maisy, Brew, Dalley, Elsie Mo, Scrumpy and Olive, name unknown, Max, name unknown



*Due to the canal in the Canalhouse, only guide dogs are allowed inside the pub for safety reasons.