A Pint and a Half of Vinyl with John Holmes at the Barley Twist

  • Written by Castle Rock Brewery
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We’re pleased to announce the launch of a unique event at the Barley Twist with local hero and radio DJ, John Holmes.

John has a history of over 5 decades in broadcasting and producing including an extensive career in BBC TV and radio.

His new event concept will be centered around telling stories from his time in the music industry and sharing significant records that relate to them. Attendees are also invited to bring records and share their own stories, to bring a collaborative and social atmosphere to the event.

This will be a series of ongoing sessions which will cycle through the alphabet, starting with ‘A’. All records that are brought along therefore must be artists that begin with the letter ‘A’!

From 7:30pm. Click here for more info

Like the sound of that?

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