Nottingham Poetry Festival: Poets Telling Stories, Tangled Yarns at the Canalhouse

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Poets John Humphreys, Laura Grevel, and Sue Allen are collaborating, spinning tall tales in poetic form, taking you on a fantastical journey across continents via illusionary oceans, making landfall in your hearts and imaginations.

The amazing wordsmith and showman Mark Gwynne Jones will be headlining this event. Mark is an internationally renowned poet and musician who transports his audience through a labyrinth of surreal and imaginative wordplay that stays with you long after the show is over.

This is going to be an extraordinary adventure leaving the map behind and weaving weird and wonderful yarns into fine fabric, waiting to be unravelled. So, why not unpick the threads of your curiosity and see where they take you?


Nottingham Poetry Festival website

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