Ever wanted to design a pump clip? Now's your chance!

Castle Rock x Brewster’s Brewery IWD Design Competition

In March 2023, we are celebrating International Women’s Day with, you guessed it, a beer! We’re teaming up with Sara Barton of Brewster’s Brewery to create a golden ale together – and we’re inviting any and all women* to design the perfect pump clip in time for the beer launch on Wednesday 8th March.

*All self-identifying women over the age of 18.


There’s no theme as such, this is all about championing women’s creativity. However, if your design takes inspiration from International Women’s Day or the beer itself, so much the better. All styles and approaches are welcome, from painting to photography or mixed media. You might be completely new to making art, a student, a budding designer, or an experienced one! This competition is open to all.

Crystal Clear: 

After conversations between Castle Rock’s marketing manager, Jessica Collins, and Brewster’s head brewer, Sara Barton, the pair landed on “Crystal Clear” as the name of the IWD beer. The reasons were threefold:

  • From a brewing perspective, the beer will be fined. This means that the final beer will present ‘bright’ – or in other words – crystal clear.
  • The two breweries have decided to brew an IWD beer to celebrate women’s creativity, their love of beer and to emphasise women’s place within the beer industry. Like many STEM subjects, the ratio of women brewers to men brewers in the industry isn’t reflective of the diversity we see in pubs or the beer market. So, to be clear, this beer is about highlighting that beer and brewing is for everyone.
  • Lastly, both are fans of the late Poly Styrene, lead singer of British punk band, X-Ray Spex. Crystal Clear featured on their second album, Conscious Consumer, and frankly, she’s up there with one of the best of female icons. For anyone interested, you can learn more about Poly Styrene here, in a documentary created by her daughter Celeste.

You should consider how your design will work within the pump clip template – it’s a portrait rectangle with a border.

Some areas of your design will be covered by information, like beer name, style, ABV, and description. Please keep this in mind when designing. Nobody wants an important part of your design to be covered by text! View our guide for more information.

Important: The name of the beer will be added by us. You do not need to include any text in your design. 


  1. View and download the template here: Pump clip template. You can download the competition guide here.
  2. Submit your design by midday on Monday 13th February, emailing it to marketing@castlerockbrewery.co.uk. Please submit your design in PDF., JPEG or AI file types. You must include your name and contact information in your email so we can reach you if you are successful. You can submit as many designs as you want to. Please note that, by emailing a design, you are agreeing to the below terms and conditions of entry. 
  3. We will announce our winner on social media on Friday 17th February and will contact you the winner directly to share the good news! The winning design will be chosen by judges from Castle Rock and Brewster’s Brewery. Names of all designers will be concealed from the judges.
  4. Our in-house designer will be in touch to get your design “print ready” and off to the printers. You will be credited as the designer on the pump clip.
  5. Designs submitted will be displayed at our International Women’s Day beer launch event on the 8th March, in a special exhibition. Please note, we may not be able to exhibit all designs, depending on the quantity received. 
  6. The winner and a friend will be invited to join us the beer launch as special guests, and you’ll head home with some prizes to boot.
  7. The beer will go on sale, and the winning design will be seen by beer lovers across the county – and beyond! We will also invite you to be interviewed about your design, which will be featured on our website.


  • To celebrate International Women’s Day and champion women’s creativity, this competition is open to self-identifying women only.
  • You must be over 18 years of age to enter.
  • The design submitted must be your own work.
  • The design submitted cannot have been used previously for personal promotion or commercial purposes.
  • Submissions must be made by the deadline to qualify for consideration.
  • By submitting a design, you are agreeing for your design to be displayed in a special exhibition at the launch event.
  • By submitting a design, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.
  • Unlike previous design competitions we’ve held, we have decided to allow Castle Rock women to enter this competition as we are proud of the talent within our company and want to offer all women a chance at winning. Please rest assured that all submissions will be presented to the judges anonymously.
  • Designs may have to be altered or edited by our marketing team in order to meet printing standards, however they will endeavour to keep any changes to a minimum.
  • Any artwork submitted remains the property of the artist but can be used by Castle Rock Brewery and Brewster’s Brewery on a cask clip for the beer “Crystal Clear”, 2023. The artwork may be used for promotion of the beer and other marketing campaigns and collateral in the future.
  • We reserve the right to amend, cancel or withdraw this competition at any time.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw our choice of winning art at any time, for any reason deemed appropriate by our board.