Prices in our pubs are increasing

To our customers

From Sunday 6th March we will be implementing price increases across our pubs. Please take the time to read why below, and to find out what this means for our customers in real terms.

Unfortunately, although unsurprisingly as inflation continues to impact us all, we have taken the decision to raise prices in our pubs from Sunday 6th March. In reality, this decision has been made for us, as it would be impossible for us to absorb the increased costs we are facing across all areas and remain financially viable.

As a business, and as a pub and brewery group specifically, it’s important for us to stay true to our values while fulfilling our purpose: to deliver quality beer to our customers, in safe and welcoming spaces.

Our priorities remain the same as ever. We will continue to:

  • source the best quality produce, both for our brewery and for our pub’s and their kitchens
  • fulfil our commitment to pay our teams above the National Minimum Wage
  • ensure our pubs are always inviting, warm places to visit and stay awhile
  • continue to offer great value and fair pricing

However, from what we buy and have delivered, to the general cost of keeping our pubs open, the price of everything has gone up.

In the brewery, the cost of ingredients has soared. Unlike tea or coffee, which has a cost price of 10-20 times higher for the consumer, beer is priced conservatively at 2-3 times higher. Because we always strive to price our beers at a fair and competitive rate, it follows that when there is even a slight increase in costs at production level, this will impact the price on the bar. There is no wiggle room.

Meanwhile, energy costs are set to amount to around 50% more on average per year. For our pubs, where our teams and customers must be kept warm and our cellars must be kept cool, this is no easy feat.



On average, our increases will be at 7%, though it will differ from product to product. If this happens to be the beer you usually order, and you usually order five pints a week, you will see your weekly spend increase by £1.80 a week*. (*If you are a Castle Rock Collective member this figure could reduce to £1.66 if you take off the value of points earned, based on ordering a pint of Castle Rock beer.)



We understand that businesses like ours aren’t the only ones feeling the pinch. While the world goes mad around us, one thing we can promise is that we will continue to ensure the pub is the perfect place to get away from it all.

We understand that ultimately, it’s our customers that keep us afloat, and we remain grateful as ever for your continued support.



While we can’t help increasing our prices in some areas, we can help you get more out of your money by rewarding your valued custom.

Castle Rock Collective members earn point as they spend in our pubs. Points can then be redeemed down the line as money off your bill, whenever you choose.

Joining the Castle Rock Collective can bring a 30p saving per pint on Castle Rock beers, meaning you can avoid price rises altogether. (We have a number of people who have already saved up a few hundred pounds worth of points to spend!)

We also regularly offer exclusive perks to our collective members, including priority access and discount prices to our events. Yard Party, anyone?


We ask that you treat our pub teams with respect and kindness as these increases come into place. If you would like to speak to us further about these changes, please use the contact form on our website.

Team CRB x