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We have really enjoyed the freedom brewing at Attic Brew Co. in Birmingham has afforded us. Their smaller kit allows us to experiment more freely – and then there’s the other perks like experimenting with their in-house yeast strain and hanging out, they’re really great.So far NEIPA, West Coast SIPA, SIPA: Mosaic, Vermont IPA and SIPA: Mosaic have all been brewed with our recipes at Attic, and we’re super proud of all of them.(After our head of marketing randomly bumped into the guys at Attic on a night out in the city, we held retrospective tap takeovers and have shared many a beers. We’re now in a mutually beneficial brewing partnership where we use Attic’s kit to brew smaller runs of beers and their in-house canning set up. In exchange, Attic get a little bit of extra income to help buffer the hit of a tough 2020.)This time we dropped two new cans – IPA: Citra, Galaxy, Sabro and SIPA: Simcoe. Read about the former here, from our own brewer Matt.

Read about SIPA: Simcoe here.

IPA: Citra, Galaxy, Sabro

5.4% ABV

IBU – 35

DRY HOP RATE-  15g/l

MALT – Pilsner, Extra Pale, Oats, Torrefied Wheat

HOPS – Citra, Galaxy, Sabro

YEAST – Vermont

Sulfate:Chloride Ratio – 1:2

Brewer’s Tasting Notes:

Overall intention:

The intention for this beer is to make a big, bold, hazy juice-bomb IPA with three of our favourite high impact hop varieties. The beer will be available in can, keg AND cask – and particularly with the cask variety, will push our dry hopping capabilities to their outer limits.  We hold it aloft as a transducing rod for sunshine and better times.

Pairs well with a Vat and Fiddle chip cob/friends and family/your favourite beer garden.

The overall make up of this beer is very similar to our Vermont IPA and used a similar recipe to lay the foundations. We have played around with the Pilsner to Extra Pale base malt ratios mainly to experiment with texture. The main difference is the hop blend and hopping rate.

Water Chemistry

The brewing liquor was treated with a 1:2 sulfate:chloride ratio, which softens the perception of bitterness and helps to create a fuller mouthfeel.


We used a 75:25 split of pilsner malt and extra pale malt for the base of the grist in this beer, this gives us a light colour and adds to the softness of the mouthfeel.

A higher mash bed temperature of 68°C leaves plenty of residual sugars in the finished beer after fermentation, as it produces more unfermentable sugar, combined with the addition of oats this lends the beer a smooth and full mouthfeel.


Attic’s Vermont strain was used to ferment this beer, and so gives this IPA a lot of tropical and stone fruit esters typical of the New England style IPAs. These flavours support and add depth to the aroma profile provided by late and dry hop additions.


We used a blend of Citra, Galaxy and Sabro to dry hop this beer.

Providing a massive hit of interesting citrus and tropical fruit characteristics, topped with peach and passionfruit notes and underlying coconut and stone fruit.

We dry hopped at 15g per litre and really wanted the hop profile of this beer to make a big and bold statement.

The beer has an IBU level of 33. The beer has a fairly low level of bitterness – we want to play down the bitterness and let the fruitiness and juiciness of the hops take centre stage, balanced by the sweetness from the malt and the soft mouthfeel from the water profile.

IPA: Citra Galaxy Sabro is available in our pubs and beyond on draught and in can already.

Look out for it in cask from early June!

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