Brewer’s Notes – Steal My Sunshine

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Check out our latest brew, Steal My Sunshine. It’s a delicious dry hop pale with notes of pine and citrus, balanced with subtle caramel notes.

We caught up with Matt, one of our developmental brewer’s for more details on this tasty drop.

BREWER’S NOTES: Steal My Sunshine

Here at the brewery, we love drinking West Coast pales. And we also love brewing them! So, we are very happy we got a chance to make this beer for you.

For Steal My Sunshine, we’ve used one of our favourite hop combinations: Chinook and Simcoe. They play off each other so well with their resinous pine notes, fresh lemon and lime zestiness, and the subtlest hint of tropical fruit.

The hops are complemented by a malt grist consisting of crystal and a tiny bit of roasted malt for a fuller and more complex  mouthfeel, and balance the bitterness of the hops with their delicate sweetness.

This beer is available in cask only, and pairs exceptionally well with every pub snack. Try it with some classic roasted peanuts, or maybe a scotch egg, or if you’re feeling fancy, maybe you could take it for a tour round a sharing platter of cheeses and cured meats.

Long live beer and food.

Malt: Extra pale ale malt, crystal, chocolate, torrefied wheat

Hops: Citra (kettle), Simcoe, Chinook (dry)

Yeast: Castle Rock House Yeast Culture

Allergens: Malted Barley, Wheat (gluten)

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