Castle Rock x Salopian Brewery: Craft Beer Festival Collab #1

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We’re brewing up some treats as part of our Nottingham Craft Beer Festival collab season, starting with a trip to the rolling hills of Shropshire, for an exciting partnership with Salopian Brewery.

We (Duke, Matt and Rachel) were welcomed with coffee and a quick tour from MD Trevor, then we got on with the brew…

Matt and Luke from Salopian came up with a recipe for Dominion, a tasty tropical ale with an ABV of 4.8%. With a combination of Sabro, Nectaron, Mosaic and HBC 586 and some pineapple puree to finish, it’s certain to be a go-to summer beer!

After the mashing-in we got hands-on and added hops. Matt had a good brewer-to-brewer chat with Luke and we left the beer to do its thing!

We had a lovely lunch in Salopian’s light and airy taproom washed down with a delicious drop of Shropshire Gold.

To finish the day, Duke and Matt had a mini workout digging out the mash tun!

We had a brilliant time with the super-friendly team over at Salopian and we’re all very excited to try the new beer!

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