Wine Down

Monday-Thursday, between 4pm and 8pm there is 10% off 500ml carafes*

*offer valid on any wine available by the glass

New, and here to stay as a regular event, the Barley Twist and Delilah’s bring you the Culture Club. Like the Breakfast Club but instead of an oddly matched conglomeration of high school kids, you’ll have the chance to sample four artisan cheeses, perfectly paired with four artisan beers.

Delilah’s curate the cheese and bring the expertise in that area, Barley Twist source the beer to complement it.

For tickets, pop to the Twist on Carrington St. They’re £12 per person and you can reserve yours by calling 0115 950 5456.

If you can’t make this one there’s always next time; the Club will commence on the third Wednesday of every month from now on.


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