A guided tour of Castle Rock Brewery

Brewery Tours

Do you want a real in-depth look behind the scenes of your favourite brewery? Why not book a brewery tour! 

We offer a variety of options for tour bookings. Tours take around 45 minutes in total and start at the Vat and Fiddle. You will be taken around our brewery for a guided tour, before ending back at the pub to sample our beers. 

Explore our brewery with our basic package, which includes a guided tour, 2 half pints of your choice from our Castle Rock beer selection at the Vat and Fiddle, and the opportunity to pour your own pint of our acclaimed Harvest Pale.

Upgrade to our tier 2 package and make a day of it, complete with all the perks of the basic package plus your choice of any classic main from the Vat and Fiddle food menu at a discounted rate.

Check out our prices listed below:

Tier 1 

  • 10+ people: £20pp 
  • 7-9 people: £22pp 
  • 5-6 people: £25pp  
  • 3-4 people: £29pp 
  • 1-2 people: £35pp 

Tier 2 

  • 10+ people: £28pp 
  • 7-9 people: £30pp 
  • 5-6 people: £33pp 
  • 3-4 people: £37pp 
  • 1-2 people: £43pp 

View our tour menu here!

If you would like to discuss booking a tour, please contact our brewery tap the Vat and Fiddle for a quote.

Email: vatandfiddleevents@castlerockbrewery.co.uk

Telephone: 0115 985 0611

Please note: we are committed to ensuring visitors’ health and safety at all times. We have the right to refuse entry at anytime if we believe you would pose a risk to yourself or others while on the brewery tour. For this reason, we ask that you save the beers for after the tour! We reserve the right to withhold deposit repayments for any participants deemed to be irresponsibly intoxicated ahead of the brewery tour.