• Good ‘Beerday’ at the Golden Eagle

    Fri, 30 March 2018

    To coincide with Good Friday, the Golden Eagle are hosting a mini beer festival. The event will include six different beers available and BBQ food to accompany. There will also be live music after the football has finished, making the beer festival the perfect place to visit pre-match or post-match!

    Golden Eagle

  • The Grand National at the Bread and Bitter

    Sat, 14 April 2018

    For over 170 years, the most valuable event in horse racing has taken place at Aintree. This year you’ll be able to get closer to the action with the action shown live on TV in the Bread and Bitter. You’ll also be able to get involved with the sweepstake in the pub as well to […]

    Bread and Bitter

  • The Grand National at the Horse and Plough

    Sat, 14 April 2018

    The Horse and Plough, rather appropriately, are getting involved in the Grand National. With an updated and increased snack menu, you’ll be able to tuck in and enjoy one of the biggest horse races on the British calendar.

    Horse and Plough

  • The Grand National at the Lincolnshire Poacher

    Sat, 14 April 2018

    The Poacher has always been famed for doing things a little bit different during its near-29 year existence in the Castle Rock family. During the Grand National you’ll be able to pick up a horse burger and a pint for only £8.95!

    Lincolnshire Poacher

  • The Grand National at the Swan in the Rushes

    Sat, 14 April 2018

    One of the biggest races in the world takes places on April 14th and you can get involved at the Swan in the Rushes. Make your way down to watch the race and get involved in the sweepstake for only £1. You’ll get to pick a random horse out of the hat and there will […]

    Swan in the Rushes

  • The Grand National at the Stratford Haven

    Sat, 14 April 2018

    The most lucrative event in horse racing may prove to be a profitable day if you get down to the Stratford Haven to take part in the Grand National sweepstake that will be available on the day.

    Stratford Haven

  • The Grand National at the Vat and Fiddle

    Sat, 14 April 2018

    Coming to you live from Aintree or the Golding’s Room at the Vat and Fiddle. We know which venue we’d rather be at! There will be plenty of good food and even better beer available for you to enjoy whilst watching the race.

    Vat and Fiddle