The idea was simple

Create a friendly, welcoming pub and serve high quality beer

Castle Rock is a multi award winning brewery and pub group based in Nottingham, England.

Our Beers

Real ale beers crafted with care in Nottingham, England

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Sherwood Reserve Pint & Clip New
HP Pint & Clip New
Elsie Pint & Clip New
Black Gold Pint & Clip New
Sheriff's Tipple Pint & Clip New
Preservation Pint & Clip
Screech Pint and Clip

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Willowbrook Update – Re-opening Thursday 2nd July

We can now confirm the Willowbrook has been fully restored and open for business on Thursday 2nd July. Welcome back!

l-r    Colin Brown, Adrian Redgrove and Richard Neale

Brewers join to honour Nottinghamian pioneer

A former Shipstone's brewer, alongside the owner of today's Shipstone's trademark and Castle Rock's head brewer, joined forces on Wednesday 24 June to create 'James Shipstone', a real ale dedicated to the pioneer of of large scale brewing.


Nottingham Craft Beer Week 2015

Nottingham has landed as Britain's beer destination. Hosting the Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival just wasn't enough; now we're bringing you Craft Beer Week 2015.

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