We would like to thank Trevor Riddiough for 100 Walks from the Poppy and Pint, available here: Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Enjoy and stay safe!


Welcome to our second edition of ‘100 Walks from the Poppy and Pint’. I hope that you find it useful. You will find a range of walks suitable for exercise during the ‘lockdown’.

They range in distance from 4 kms to 24 kms and most are on good, way-marked paths. Each starts and finishes at The Poppy and Pint – a well-known landmark and conveniently close to where I live!

From the Poppy and Pint, you will need to either make your way to The Hook by the River Trent via Mona Road, or to the Grantham Canal, via Rutland Road, where most of the walks ensue.

Of course, you don’t really have to start or finish at the Poppy and Pint. However, when it’s open again, James, the manager, will be very pleased to accommodate you and is happy for you to park in the car park if you call in after your walk!

You will see that we have not quite reached the one hundred mark for the number of walks from Lady Bay! However, I hope you’ll agree that there are a surprisingly high number of quality walks that start from right on our doorstep.

Thanks so much for your support and interest.

I hope to see you in The Poppy when this is all over to compare notes and share ideas for mountain walking, which is what I am more used to.

Happy Rambling from Lady Bay and be sure to stay in touch!

Best wishes,
Trevor Riddiough

Please note that all walks in Volume 2 are 20 minutes’ drive from the Poppy and Pint.

A special thank you to Trevor for being one of the many people to keep community spirit alive and well during this strange time!

Team CRB x