Castle Rock’s Virtual Quiz, every Sunday at 8pm.

Join us on Facebook live for a classic pub quiz, hosted by Rosie, every Sunday at 8pm.


Join the quiz on our Facebook page here.

The Hardship Fund

Suggested donation of £1 per player to the Castle Rock Hardship Fund. DONATE HERE.

The Hardship Fund was established earlier this year in order to protect the most vulnerable members of the Castle Rock Family. Learn more here. If you are unable to donate, you are still more than welcome to join us for the quiz. Equally, if you would like to donate more, please do!

The Rounds

  • Picture Round
  • Round 1. General Knowledge
  • Round 2. Entertainment
  • Round 3. Wild (changing weekly)
  • Round 4. Food and Drink
  • Round 5, Music
  • Round 6. Music

See you then!