#LoveYourLocal This Autumn and Winter

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We have long been advocates for the humble pub.

From assisting research into the importance of pubs in combatting loneliness, and supporting this notion with our own #MyLocalIs campaign; to sharing well-being tips and musings in the midst of lockdown induced pub closures (including contributions from the likes of Henry Normal and Viv Anderson). In open letters we’ve fought for the protection of well-run pubs during the disparaging dialogues that surrounded the hospitality industry throughout the pandemic, calling for meaningful support for pubs and bars in that time.

Last month, we decided to place an advert in CAMRA’s Nottingham Drinker which once again called upon the public to support their local pub.

The ad, below, features the soft, warm glow of a pub with the short and stark message: “This autumn and winter, turn your lights off. Keep your locals lights on.” 

At the time, the media was eerily silent on the energy crisis the hospitality industry is facing.

Thankfully, in the last week or so, we are starting to hear more about what the energy price cap hike means for our industry. Hospitality has been said to be facing an “extinction event” but we are hopeful that the noise now being made will result in action and vital support for the sector.

Turn your lights off. Keep your local’s lights on.

We recognise that as the weather turns cold and the nights draw in, it’s not just small businesses that will feel the effects of a harsher economic climate. This message should not be interpreted as us asking you to pay our bills. Our message is the same as ever: pubs are community hubs. They are safe havens and retreats. They are a place for us to come together, a home away from home.

We understand the natural impulse in the face of rising costs is to slow down and stay in. But we also see the immense value pubs and bars have to offer, and argue it doesn’t have to be this way.

“Pub” – Origin

mid 19th century: abbreviation of public house. (Google)

We’re a group of public houses – use us as such. 
For the price of a cup of tea, you can turn off your lights, TV, and heating. You can find solace in the pub, company at the bar, warmth in social interactions. (Speaking with our pub teams, we understand this is nothing new and plenty of regulars have clocked on to this already.)

This autumn and winter we will be fighting for survival. Our lights will be on, and everyone is welcome.


We strongly believe pubs transcend their perceived purpose as a place for a pint. This campaign is a celebration of all the little things that make a pub special. And like all special things, we believe the pub should be protected and cherished.

Here’s what we’re up against:

  • Record high global gas prices with no price cap for businesses (with an average increase of 150% for our sector)
  • Shortages from suppliers and excessive price increases due to factors including the war in Ukraine and market conditions
  • Squeezed household spend
  • An obligation to pay our teams over minimum wage
  • An industry-wide staff shortage
  • Existing pandemic induced debt

CAMRA and SIBA published an open letter to government calling for urgent action and support for brewing industry.

The British Beer & Pub Association also sent a letter to the Prime Minister on behalf of breweries and pub companies alike.


From our side, we will continue to hold ourselves and our pubs to the highest standards.

We will also be encouraging our customers to cash in on our Collective scheme. The Castle Rock Collective is a loyalty initiative that allows our customers to earn points as they spend in our pubs. These can then be redeemed as money off down the line. It’s a no-brainer for regulars but also offers the casual punter an opportunity to save money on future visits. As the festive season approaches, we hope it will help allow our loyal customers to celebrate as usual, using points accumulated throughout the year. If you regularly pop in for a drink, it might as well go toward paying for the Christmas dinner, no?

We have also created a poster which encourages patrons to visit their local in the colder months, to their mutual benefit.  If you are reading this as a pub or bar operator and would like posters for your pub, click here.

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