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Castle Rock's citation acknowledges the brewery's use of 'Robin Hood' as a brewery tour guide, and for those real ales that hang their hat on 'Sherwood'.

Bob White presented Liv Auckland with the ‘feather in your cap’ award in a ceremony attended by the brewery’s Robin Hood, Tim Pollard.  Bob White believes not enough is made of the legend.  Speaking to the Nottingham Post he said; “We’re not saying everything in Nottingham should be branded with Robin Hood but there’s very little to see in the city that is associated with it.

“It’s a question of getting the balance right,” he said.

On receiving the award, Liv Auckland thanked the society saying, “there’s a lot of pride in Nottingham in our beers, and I’ve no doubt we’ll continue to do our best to keep Robin’s name and heritage in our marketing mix.”

Other winners in the first ‘a feather in your cap’ awards were Bowring Transport, East Midlands Trains, Jurys Inn, Nottingham Building Society, and Robin Hood Airport.  The first international award went to Robin Hood Flour of Saskatchewan, Canada.