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The Mansfield Road Lincolnshire Poacher's annual Australia Day cricket match has seen a win for 'Australia' against 'England' and gains for two very diverse charities.

Andy Walters (left) and his brother John (centre) with umpire Alex Young (right) as the game gets underway

Manager of the Lincolnshire Poacher, and ‘Australia’ captain, Andy Walters says over £2,000 has been raised for Nottinghamshire Leukaemia Appeal and New South Wales Rural Fire Service currently struggling to save wildlife, people and property in the southern hemisphere.

The game, between two teams of eight pub regulars and staff, was held on a rainy and waterlogged Forest Recreation Ground on Australia Day.  Andy says it ended in a tie with identical runs on the board.  “However, as match organiser, I decided to award victory to the trophy holders ‘Australia’.

“This annual event gets better each year.  Last year we made just over £1,000 for Maggie’s and now we’ve managed to double the amount.  Perhaps our customers take pity on us – playing a summer game in the height of winter seems to match their sense of the ridiculous,” he says.

The Nottinghamshire Leukaemia Appeal supports Nottingham University Hospitals Haematology Department in the treatment, care and welfare of patients by fostering life-saving research into leukaemia and related blood cancer, myeloma and lymphoma.  Both charities will receive the donations at the end of February.

The Lincolnshire Poacher hand over a cheque for over £1,000 to Maggie’s after last year’s Australia Day charity cricket match

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