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Live music from one of Nottingham's few professional harp players is joining the bill at the Barley Twist, our hushed haven on Carrington Street. 

Every other Tuesday from the evening of 12 November, Beeston born and raised Christine Palethorpe will take her harp to the party and be asked to play.

Christine’s is a cross strung harp and she comes to the pub after her day job performing at weddings, corporate events, and care homes. She says her repertoire is mainly modern covers but with a variety of genres ranging from rock, jazz, folk, tv/film soundtracks, and pop.

“The vibe is definitely background music.

“I’m happy to take requests if I know the music and I hope customers and drinkers think of my playing as simple, quiet enjoyable background music, ideal to accompany fine wine and real ale.

“I’d definitely say it’s both a sophisticated and unexpected experience; there’s certainly nothing else like it in the city centre that I’m aware of,” she says.

Christine took up the harp at 24 and had been wanting to get her hands on one for a long time.  “When I first took out my little lap harp busking in the street, the reaction of strangers made me realise why I’d been studying music all this time. I had people tear up or say I’d given them shivers. I was brought flowers…and once a banana. The first wedding I played at was for someone who had seen me playing in the street.

“My favourite thing to do is to take songs which don’t belong on a harp and find a way to make them work. It can really bring a whole new meaning to a song when it’s played on harp. I love people’s reaction when I play a rock song or high energy dance song in a new way and it catches them by surprise,” she says.

Christine Palethorpe entertains at the Barley Twist, on Carrington Street, every other Tuesday from 7pm – 9pm.  The next appearances are on 26th November and 10th December.  There is no entry charge.

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