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Representatives of the Royal British Legion and Amnesty International joined us at Nottingham Castle to honour the fallen of the Great War.

In a ceremony at the Victoria Cross memorial, wreaths were laid to mark the start of a project aimed at raising money to help those affected by conflict today.

Twelve beers will be brewed over the five years to 2019 to mark WW1’s major incidents, personalities and centenary anniversaries. Donations will from the beers’ sales will be made to charities including those represented on the Castle Green.

(l-r) Castle Rock's Liv Auckland, Amnesty International's Andy Jack and Andy Gregory, Royal British Legion

(l-r) Castle Rock’s Liv Auckland, Amnesty International’s Andy Jack and Andy Gregory, Royal British Legion

“Every beer in the range will be created with respect, consideration and dedication,” says Liv Auckland, project leader for The Commemorative Collection.

“It’s an enormous responsibility to work on this given the historical significance. For me, there are lots of valuable messages with remembrance being the most important. We hope to give our customers an opportunity to remember and reflect amid the hustle and bustle of modern life. Plenty of them will be passionate about history while others may realise they are less well informed than they thought.

The first in the range, The Great War: A 4.8% strong ruby mild.

The first in the range, The Great War: A 4.8% strong ruby mild.

“I was definitely in this latter category when I started work on the project. I’m learning something new every day about the people and events that shaped our world,” says Liv.

Speaking for Amnesty International, local member Andy Jack, affirmed his group’s continuing work for freedom and human rights across the world. “All we do costs money and we’re grateful for the support of Castle Rock and its customers.”

Andy Gregory, the Royal British Legion’s Nottinghamshire County Chairman, echoed those thoughts: “We’re grateful to all Castle Rock customers and I encourage them to support this project by having a pint and remembering what each brew stands for.”

Later beers in the Commemorative Collection are ‘Tommy Atkins – a call to arms’ and ‘Christmas Truce – peace on no-man’s land’.   The range will end in June 2019 with ‘Versailles: lest we forget’.