We're chuffed to be one of the 280+ breweries taking part in Brewgooder's Global Gathering, making our own unique beer 'Hibiscus Head in a Flower Bed' to help fund clean water projects in Malawi.

Brewgooder is a brewery with a mission statement.

They are not just passionate about beer but about water, too. ‘Drink beer, give water’ has been their mantra since they launched nearly four years ago with their Clean Water lager (in partnership with BrewDog).

The iconic beer was driven by Goal 6 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, a commitment to ensuring everyone in the world has access to clean water by 2030, and sales provided 1,000,000 people with access to clean water.

Brewgooder Global Gathering 2020

The #BGG2020 represents Brewgooder’s ambition and refusal to settle for anything less than clean water for everyone.

They’ve launched a collaborative campaign to work with breweries across the world over the #WorldWaterDay weekend (20-22nd March 2020). Each brewery will launch their beer simultaneously, to try to raise £500 or more each for the Brewgooder Foundation. Their projects include well rehabilitation and construction across Malawi and look to empower the lives of 100,000 people in 2020/21 alone.

The Gathering has seen over 280 breweries globally step up to the challenge.
Find out more about the Brewgooder Global Gathering here.

Our Beer: Hibiscus Head in a Flower Bed

We’re launching our beer at the Canalhouse at 7pm on Friday 20th March.

The beer is a pale ale brewed Malawian white tea and red hibiscus flower. 8g per litre of tea and hibiscus flower to be exact, steeped warm and blended into a hoppy base beer.

Coming in at 4% ABV, the vibrant beer will have peachy-red hues and floral, earthy undertones to balance the berry-lead hibiscus.

Launch Night at the Canalhouse

To celebrate the release of our #BBG2020 beer, 100% of the money spent on Hibiscus Head in a Flower Bed on the launch night will be donated to the Brewgooder Foundation.

We’ll also be holding a raffle to help raise money. Tickets will be available all day from the Canalhouse and thanks to our friends mentioned below, we’ve got some great prizes up for grabs.


  • VIP spaces at a Williams HQ on race day (for two people)
  • Two lots of £50 gift vouchers to spend on Gigantic (for events and gigs)
  • £50 Castle Rock gift card and a Castle Rock Can Cube
  • Big Drop goodies

+ beers, wine, coffee and more!

Join us for the launch and drink beer, give water!

A massive thank you to ROKiT Drinks UKGiganticBig Drop Brewing Co.HeinikenCharnwood BreweryGiganticStewarts CoffeesHallgarten & Novum Wines and Beer Metropolis for supporting us and the #BGG2020 with fantastic raffle prizes.




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