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A former Shipstone's brewer, alongside the owner of today's Shipstone's trademark and Castle Rock's head brewer, joined forces on Wednesday 24 June to create 'James Shipstone', a real ale dedicated to the pioneer of of large scale brewing.

In this Castle Rock initiative, former Shippo’s employee Colin Brown of Belvoir Brewery, and Castle Rock’s Adrian Redgrove, were with Richard Neale who brought back Shipstone’s long remembered Original Bitter in 2013.


l-r    Colin Brown, Adrian Redgrove and Richard Neale

l-r Colin Brown, Adrian Redgrove and Richard Neale

‘James Shipstone’ is the third of our four Nottinghamian Celebration Ales this year. It is dedicated to the first James Shipstone who lived from 1818 to 1897. He is credited with being the first to pioneer a scientific approach to the brewing process. He developed a system of large scale brewing in much less time. His namesake ale, brewed using many of his ideas, will be based on the original recipe for Shipstone’s IPA incorporating three varieties of English hop, Fuggles and Goldings with a late addition of UK Cascade for a New World ‘fruity’ character.

Castle Rock’s Lewis Townsend is sure Victorian drinkers would be a bit shocked at the taste of a 21st century ale. “For a start, there’s much more flavour in today’s beers, and of course, new hop varieties have improved the brewers’ choices to bring us all the wonderful tastes we have today.

“There’s no doubt, Shippo’s, now and then, is a symbol of Nottingham fondly remembered by Nottinghamians who were delighted at its return. Now, for us at Castle Rock to be able to add to the nostalgia, join forces in this way, and add a modern twist to an old friend, is fantastic. Now it’ll be up to our customers to enjoy the result.”

‘James Shipstone’ is available at pubs across Nottingham and East Midlands from 7 July and other ales from the Shipstone’s stable of today will be on sale alongside the celebration ale at many Castle Rock pubs.

Other 2015 Castle Rock Nottinghamian Celebration Ales have been ‘Brian Clough’ and ‘Watson Fothergill’.