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Spoiler alert: It's not Pubby McPubface, although it was close!

Our new pub in Sneinton Market will open at 7pm on Thursday 7 September and will be called the Fox and Grapes.

The name was chosen after a tightly fought on-line poll organised by the Nottingham Post.  Within days of publication of the news that the pub had a new operator looking for help to name it, over 500 votes were cast with Fox and Grapes winning a 35 per cent share, five points ahead of Pretty Windows.  Peggers came third with 13 per cent of the vote.

Asked the questions ‘Keep it Peggers?’, ‘Go Old School?’, ‘pick Pretty Windows?’ or ‘something else?’, readers took to their screens and chose the name that harks back to the pub’s original and historic name first used in 1833.

Brewery staff including operations director Vicki Saxby were astounded at the numbers and the enthusiasm of those who made a comment.  “We were very open about it, happy to leave it entirely to the on-line poll, but from the start it was clear readers were really keen to help.  For many, their timeless memory of the pub is having a surreptitious swallow after a late night out when the pub was the only place open.

“Others tell us of their first date there, a proposal of marriage and of course their memories of the tragic day in 1963.   Some wanted recognition of the barrow boys and market traders or the neighbouring arena, while others thought we could honour the famed Sneinton Mill mathematician George Green.  On the other hand, Pubby McPubface never stood a chance.

“One contributor wrote; ‘I think the pub should be called the Rat and Parrot, as my wife calls all good pubs this.’ the pub should be called The Rat and Parrot as my wife calls all the good pubs this

“Good pubs are what we’re all about, and so it’s our aim to meet this reader’s expectations in quality of service, if not in his choice of name,” says Vicki.

The pub’s landlord will be Danylo Semak, former assistant manager at the Lincolnshire Poacher.   “We’ll have a varied and interesting selection of drinks on offer with cask and craft beers vying with spirits, soft drinks, coffees and teas for the thirsty visitor.   Our food choices will concentrate on pizza, jacket potatoes and simple fare with an emphasis on vegetarian, vegan and gluten free ingredients,” he says.

The Fox and Grapes, owned by Carlton Street Trading, and acquired as a tenancy through The Beer Consortium, will become the 23rd pub operated under the Castle Rock Brewery banner.

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