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August 2010

Dear Valued Castle Rock Customer,

As you are probably aware Castle Rock Brewery has been experiencing unprecedented demand for its beers for the last few months. This has led to shortages of our beers as we have been trying to satisfy existing customers needs in our own pubs as well as the free trade.

We were expecting our new brewhouse to be on stream before the end of July but unfortunately unforeseen events have delayed this and it will not be ready to go until the end of August. This means that there will be a shortage of our beers for a few more weeks and we ask you to be patient if your favourite beer is not on sale.

The situation has been compounded with the success of Harvest Pale at the Great British Beer Festival. It has won the Gold Award in the Champion Beer of Britain competition. Yes, Harvest Pale is officially the best beer in Britain! You can imagine what this has done to the demand for our beers, especially Harvest Pale. However I can assure you that we will not be supplying any new pub customers with our beers until the new brewery is on stream, and any shortages you are experiencing at the moment are just down to current customers and their insatiable thirsts.

We have extended our One Over The Eight promotion to other brewers beers in the event of ours running out and we ask you to bear with us for two or three more weeks until we can get our supply side sorted out.

I would like to take the opportunity here to thank you for your loyal custom – we really do appreciate it.

The directors of the company are still not allowed to drink any Harvest Pale until the shortage has been overcome, so you can appreciate that I am just as keen as you are to see uninterrupted supplies of that beer to be restored as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your support.
Chris Holmes, Chairman , Castle Rock Brewery.

P.S. Watch out for the launch of The Castle Rock Club fairly shortly that should make it even more attractive to be a Castle Rock drinker.