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As part of the 50th anniversary twinning celebrations between our beloved Nottingham city and Karlsuhe, Germany, we equipped ourselves with hops and yeast and flew on over to commence on a very special and unique collaborative brew...

It turns out the logistics of flying hops and yeast to Germany must be properly negotiated. Despite somewhat extravagant and expensive initial ideas (some involving travelling refrigerators) we ended up taking US04 yeast dried in packets, and squishing 8.5kg of glorious hops into a suitcase.

Castle Rock’s Dan Gilliland and Lewis Townsend left early Wednesday morning with American hops and  yeast [dried US-04 // our signature strain of] in tow. After only a few raised eyebrows at boarder control, they were greeted in Karlsruhe Baden-Baden by Jochen Martin, the brewmaster at Brauhaus 2.0. 

Karlsruhe has a great brewing history and it’s now home to a variety of brewers, from the traditional to the more experimental. However, German purity law in brewing forbids them to use anything other than barley, water, hops and yeast in their beer. Plus, both the hops and yeast are ingredients that Brauhaus wouldn’t ordinarily use or even have access to, so this is a really special collaboration for everyone involved.


This experimental brew will see how Session comes together when recreated on a totally different kit, with different water and processes. The beer will be officially launched in Karlsruhe’s town hall on the 26th July for the celebratory twinning event. We’re hoping to get a one-way container sent to the UK so that we can all enjoy it this side of the channel, too!

We hope that this international collaboration reflects Nottingham’s longstanding cultural bond with Karlsruhe and our own commitment to continuous learning and improving our technique and approach to brewing.

Watch this space for live entries from Lewis and Dan’s travel journal.

At the time of writing, the brew day is in full swing at Brauhaus’ beautiful and meticulous brewery. Follow our social media for real time updates and to see for yourself.

We hope, down the line, brewers from Brauhaus 2.0 will join us back in Nottingham for a return collab. And if so, where better to launch the beer than at the Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival later this year?

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