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Here we go again! Tickets to our Yard Party are now on sale and the countdown has officially begun! Here is everything you could possibly want to know about this year's antics.

Rock on if you just came here for an easy link to buy your tickets! CLICK HERE.  

Otherwise, read on for everything you need to know…

When is the Yard Party? 

The fourth Castle Rock Yard Party takes place on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th May 2020.  It’s Castle Rock’s keynote event of the year and we’re all extremely excited!  

What are the opening times? 

FRIDAY: Doors are at 15:00. Last orders at 22:30 and customers to be off-site or move to the Vat & Fiddle pub by 23:00.  

SATURDAY: Doors are at 14:00. Last orders at 22:30 and customers to be off-site or move to the Vat & Fiddle by 23:00.  

How much are tickets?  

As with last year, we have an allocation of Super Early Bird and Early Bird tickets to offer before going on to General Admission.  

FRIDAY: Super Early Bird – £4.50, Early Bird – £6.75, General Admission – £9
SATURDAY: Super Early Bird – £6, Early Bird – £9 and General Admission – £12.  

That seems higher than last year?  

We kept the ticket prices exactly the same in 2017 and 2018, and inevitably we have had to raise the entry price very slightly. This is to ensure we can keep making the event better and better year on year and to help make sure that the drink prices are fair to all. If you are interested, here is what we have increased the price by: 

Friday Super Early Bird  +£0.75
Friday Early Bird  +£1.13
Friday General Admission  +£1.50

Saturday Super Early Bird  +£1.00
Saturday Early Bird  +£1.50
Saturday General Admission  +£2.00. 

OK, so what do I get for my money? 

Even at full General Admission, you are getting an excellent price. In exchange for your money, you will:  

  • See several live music acts curated by Steph & Gaz at Revolution Sounds (formerly the Maze), plus in 2020 we are adding afternoon DJ sets
  • Experience entertainment curated by the lovely folk at the Hockley Hustle
  • Get access to over sixty of the best, most interesting or classic beers we can source – hand-picked by our very own beer super-fan Dave James
  • Be among the first to try some brand new Castle Rock beers
  • Receive a commemorative glass and programme with pull-out poster
  • Be able to go on a Castle Rock Brewery tour (two running on Fri, three on Sat)
  • Facepainting!  
  • Get exclusive, Yard Party-only discounts on merch and take-outs 
  • Be supporting local food, musicians, artists and ticket agents
  • Be supporting local, independent breweries including Castle Rock
  • Be helping to keep the Yard Party going!   

Sounds unbelievably fabulous. How do I get tickets?  

Easy! Just visit our friends at Gigantic –  click here!

For tickets sold online, we are giving you the OPTIONAL opportunity add a little extra to contribute towards the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s campaign to Save Attenborough Nature Reserve – click and scroll for more info.  

Will you sell tickets at the door? 

To ensure that everyone is accommodated for, we will allow people to buy tickets on the door, capacity depending. However, to better prepare and to ensure the smoothest running event possible, we would prefer it if you could please purchase a ticket in advance. Please note, ticket availability is not guaranteed on the door and we will be operating on a first-come-first-serve basis each day.

Do you allow re-entry?  

Yes. Upon entry, you’ll receive a stamp so you’re free to pop to the Vat & Fiddle or off site. We reckon you’ll be too absorbed in the delights of tasty beer and food to want to leave though.  

How many beers will there be?  

We try to increase this every year but space is of course an issue! As a rough guide, you can expect:  

  • Up to 60 keg beers (26 at a time)
  • Up to 20 cask beers (all at once, gravity dispensed)
  • A selection of real juice cider
  • A keg lager, cider, and a small selection of wines
  • A small selection of soft drinks.  

The range of beers will include some classics, sessionable and sour delights, the weird and wonderful and big hype hitters. In short, plenty for everyone. 

Will any of the beers be vegan or gluten free? 

The beer list is still to be confirmed but we can, with some confidence, predict that at least half of the total beer list will be vegan. 

We will aim to have a good handful of gluten free cask and keg options, too.  

What time will the brewery tours be held? 

FRIDAY: 5pm, 7pm 

SATURDAY: 3pm, 5pm, 7pm  

Simply assemble at the metal gates towards the front of the yard (near the Vat and Fiddle) just before the tour is due to start.  

What time are the live music and DJ acts? 

The lineup is yet to be confirmed, but the DJ acts are likely to take place from 15:00, with live music commending at 18:00 though until 22:30.  

What food will there be?  

These are not fully confirmed yet but we like to keep these as local as possible. We will ensure there is a nice range, with affordable options too. All food stalls will offer at least one vegan option.  

CONFIRMED: Smoqued, Vanessa’s Veganza.  

Is there disabled access? 

There is disabled access and facilities throughout however we regret that there is no disabled access in our brewery for the tours.  

What if it rains? 

Don’t worry! There will be covered areas outside, and you can take refuge inside too if you’d prefer. And remember, it’s only a bit o’ water!  

Will there be security? 

Historically, our Yard Party has always been a safe and fun place. However, we will have a group of lovely, ultra-professional and friendly security staff on site at all times from Trident Security.  

Are children allowed?  

Well behaved children are welcome at the Yard Party until 18:00 both days, after which the event is strictly 18+.  

Are dogs allowed? 

Well behaved, friendly dogs are allowed at the Yard Party. Please bear in mind however that this event can be busy and loud! We expect all owners to keep dogs on leads and clear up quickly after their dogs.  

Anything else I should know? 

Remember, the fun doesn’t stop with the Yard Party! Be sure to head next door to the Vat & Fiddle when you’re done for some more delicious beer! And check your programme for treats to redeem in our other pubs, too. 

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