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We've pledged to ban plastic straws in all Castle Rock managed pubs. Over the coming weeks, you'll see the last of our plastic straws replaced with a biodegradable alternative

We should all be making changes in our everyday lives to minimise our further impact on the planet and – as you can read below – on our own health. Disposable plastics are the main sources of plastic pollution.  In the last few decades, people have come to expect plastic straws in their drinks, especially in soft drinks and cocktails. For minutes of convenience, these straws go on to pollute our land, wildlife, oceans, and even the air we breathe.

Our pledge to ban plastic straws in our pubs is just a small part of the changes we are making to reduce our ecological footprint, as an Green awarded brewery and pub group. Click to here to find out more.

Our first consideration is always our customers, and we understand that removing straws from our pubs altogether isn’t fair on those who need them. So, instead we are bringing in biodegradable straws, ending the use of thousands of plastic straws a year in Castle Rock pubs.

Interestingly, the use of earth-friendly straws in this industry goes back 5,000 years, when beer drinkers used the stalks of rye as straws, which aided in filtering the beer. We’re also considering the life of biodegradable straws after they’ve been used, and what systems we can put in place to get the most out of them. Even biodegradable straws require the extraction of natural resources, and have a lifespan of their own. Some can decompose in as little as thirty days, but require the right environment to do so. Maybe we should trade mark Castle Rock Composting Ltd.?

It all sounds like a bit of a faff, and some might be asking: Why bother?

Here’s why…

  • Plastic Poisons our food chain Most plastic straws end up in our oceans, and are often ingested by marine wildlife
  • Plastic is forever The earth can’t ingest plastic. Every piece of plastic that has ever been created still exists, including the small amount that has been incinerated and become toxic particle matter
  • Plastic affects human health Harmful chemicals leached by plastics are present in the bloodstream of almost all humans, including newborns
  • Disposable plastics are the mains source of plastic pollution Disposable plastics (bags, bottles, utensils, polystyrene cups, film, food packaging, straws and more) are the main source of plastic pollution. For minutes of use, plastic straws pollute our planet for centuries, possibly forever
  • Recycling isn’t enough Most of our plastic waste is landfilled, down-cycled, incinerated or exported to other countries. Recycling plastic is costly and doesn’t stem the production of virgin plastic
  • Plastic pollution is urgent  The amount of plastic pollution in the ocean is expanding at a catastrophic rate, but there are similar concentrations of plastic in the desert, in communities around the world, in our homes, and in us

If you want to find out more and see what you can do to help, visit plasticpollutioncoalition.org. And why not reach out to other pub groups, food chains and independents? Download these printable cards to leave with your bill, asking the business to only serve straws upon request.

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