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Raymond Fairgrieve and Valerie Watson (pictured), two wheelchair using regulars at the Vat and Fiddle, have officially opened the pub’s newly installed disabled loo. The Bulwell pair, who enjoy a pint of Sheriff’s Tipple and a rum and diet cola on their regular evening visits, have both used wheelchairs for over nine years. They’ve been Vat regulars for over five.

Ray and Valerie were surprised and then delighted to be asked to perform the ceremony by manager, Sarah Houghton. “We’ve never been asked to do anything like this before,” said Ray. “I enjoy the Vat very much and every time we come, I try to get Valerie to change her tipple to ale; but it’s a lost cause.”

The toilet installation was part of a major refurbishment at the Vat and Fiddle which included external work and new catering facilities.