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Happy Birthday to the Lincolnshire Poacher!

Twenty five years ago Nottingham Drinker began its first review of The Old Grey Nags Head with these words: Traditionalists are about to hit back in the battle to shape the character of Nottingham’s pubs. Following the demise of the once-proud Flying Horse and, more recently, the Corner Pin – both sadly lost to developers – one old pub is making a welcome come back

They were not wrong and thanks to ND readers’ continuing support, the Lincolnshire Poacher remains a well established Nottingham favourite.

Twenty five years ago, in the Spring of 1989, Batemans and Tynemill opened the pub with ‘gimmicks’.   According to ND these included … home-made food, and a quiet room – defunct in many Nottingham pubs which now look more like American ice cream parlours.

'Let them eat cake!'  The Poacher's assistant manager's, Nick Orton's, celebratory cake - baked in house.

‘Let them eat cake!’ The Poacher’s assistant manager’s, Nick Orton’s, celebratory cake – baked in house.

Plus ca change – and as Ollie Eddison, today’s manager says; “Here’s to the next quarter century”.