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Staff at the Newshouse, including tenants Carole and Bob Fairclough, have had their work to promote mild ale recognised by the Nottingham Branch of CAMRA. Their award for the best Commitment to Mild promotional display, was their fourth successive win in the competition open to all local real ale pubs.

During CAMRA’s annual Mild Trail, the pub was decked out in cartoons, posters and a new time for mild clock to help get the message across. Pub regular, Graham Binns assisted with a series of light-hearted posters.

The Newshouse 'Time for Mild' clock

At the presentation ceremony CAMRA branch chairman, Spyke Golding, congratulated the Newhouse team. “Mild deserves promoting after losing some of its appeal in the 1960s and 70s when it wasn’t always as well kept as it could have been. Nowadays, more and more people are coming to appreciate that mild is just as good as any other real ale.

(l-r) Nottingham CAMRA’s Spyke Golding, Newshouse tenants Carole and Bob Fairclough and son Jonny, Damian Brandon and pub regular, Graham Binns.

“Nearly 200 people travelled the CAMRA Mild Trail 2010,” said Spyke.

Phoenix Brewery’s Monkeytown, Elgood’s Black Dog, Bateman’s Dark and Castle Rock Black Gold were among the many milds served at the Newshouse in May. The pub always has at least one mild on draught.