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Completing her 61st marathon in 61 days for charity deserved a pint.

(l-r)  Nikki Love, Sharif Owadally, Phil and Arwen Makin and Tom Plott at the Poppy and Pint as the record breaking finishing line is crossed

Nikki Love, a 50 year old athlete from Gamston and Castle Rock regular, has completed 61 marathons in 61 days to raise money and awareness of Huntington’s Disease. She began her record breaking day in Beeston before heading towards the city centre, making sure she stopped for a quick taste of Castle Rock ale in every pub she passed.  Also visited were the Nottingham Ice Arena, Forest’s and Notts’ grounds, Trent Bridge and the Robin Hood statue.

For good measure, Nikki then went on to complete two more marathons making hers an exact nine week trail that began at John O’Groats and finished on Sunday 29 October in Leicester.

(l-r) Nikki Love, Sharif Owadally, Phil and Arwen Makin and Josh McMillan at the Vat and Fiddle

Along her 61st journey she first visited the Vat and Fiddle before moving on to the Canalhouse, Lincolnshire Poacher, Embankment, Fox & Grapes, Kean’s Head, and Stratford Haven before finishing her record breaking feat at the Poppy and Pint – her Castle Rock local.

On finishing, Nikki surpassed the record of 60 consecutive marathons in 60 days set in 2015.  Nikki and her team have achieved something extraordinary and Castle Rock is delighted to have been able to support Nikki on her journey.

For more information about Huntington’s Disease and how you can show your support for Nikki, you can visit her website 63in63.com. You can check out Nikki’s journey around the Castle Rock Brewery pubs below.

(l-r) We’re pretty sure you know who these are by now… with Lee Halmarack at the Canalhouse

(l-r) The fab four and Trist Siddons at the Embankment

(l-r) Oh look at that, same again, there’s a theme here, this time with Megan Little at the Fox & Grapes

(l-r) Ditto and Adam Briggs at the Kean’s Head

(l-r) Awesome foursome and Warren Lindsay at the Lincolnshire Poacher

(l-r) Once again, ditto and Tom Eccles at the Stratford Haven
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