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We’re swapping hefty dry hop loading as with Session IPA and Wheat with classic German hops.

Although not technically “noble” hops, the varieties these use are just lovely. The first being Perle – and here’s the geekstuff – Perle is a hop originally bred in Hüll and is a cross between Northern Brewer and 63/5/27M (that’s its codename) Perle is a renowned for having a delicate florality (yes, we know that isn’t the right term but the word sounds nice to say). We’re also using Hersbrucker which is a little more complex; earthy and maybe little bit citrusy.

Castle Rock’s take on a Pilsner doesn’t follow all of the rules; we will be cold conditioning the beer for a slightly extended period and we’ll be using Pilsner malt as well as two classic German hop varieties. However, instead of using a conventional Pilsner or Lager yeast, we’re using our house yeast, which is a Hardy & Hanson’s strain. It’s a nice, clean yeast so will let the malt and fresh hop to come through unimpeded.  As with Session IPA, treating the water is important as well. We’ve gone for a softer water profile to allow for the delicate, fragrant hops to come through.

Pilsner completes year one of our brand new 2.0 range of beers: well considered and modern-style brews more in-line with what some folk are calling “craft beer”, but for us it’s a way to try new recipes and styles and see what our brewhouse can do. As with all of our 2.0 beers, Pilsner does not contain isinglass and so is vegan friendly and may appear hazy. It’s available in cask and keg and, as always, we love hearing your feedback so drop us a line on Facebook/Twitter or get yourself on Untappd or Rate Beer!

At the time of writing we have began sourcing our hops for next year’s 2.0 beers. While we haven’t confirmed anything officially yet, we’re looking at a Session IPA v2, a ramped up IPA and the final beer is still in its planning stages. In the meantime, we’ve brewed Session IPA four times now so we’ll take that as a good sign, and if you haven’t already, make sure you give our dry hopped Wheat a try!


Malt: Pilsner | Torrefied Wheat | Lager
Hops: Perle (GER) | Hersbrucker (GER)
Yeast: CRB House Yeast – Hardy & Hansons’s (multiple strains)
IBU: 33
SEE: Pale golden
SMELL: Floral, herbal
TASTE: Spicy, subtle citrus, grainy

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