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Kev and Steph Woods, landlord and landlady at the New Barrack Tavern on Sheffield's Penistone Road, have had a proper break on Tenerife thanks to their 18 year old daughter, Rebecca, left at home to run the pub.

As voting age arrived, Rebecca became the youngest ever ‘learner to licensee’ student at our Castle Rock Brewery training school.  She passed all the nationally recognised British Institute of Innkeeping exams with a 98 per cent grade after an intensive training course.  With the certification under her belt, she became legally fit to run a pub.  She is thought to be Sheffield’s youngest Personal Licence Holder.

No post-exam time was wasted before Rebecca donned her mum’s and dad’s pinafore to take over the pub’s operations.  Alongside existing staff, she gave her parents a week away.

The Woods family have run the Tavern for 13 years with Rebecca growing up to become ever more popular as the ‘daughter of the house’.

“We’re both happy and grateful that Rebecca has done so well to become a personal licence holder,” says Kevin Woods.  “We didn’t put any real pressure on her to join us in this trade, but we’re really chuffed she has.

“Since she was old enough to understand what a pub is all about, she’s played her part to make this the community asset I believe it is.  Now we can look forward to much more, using her knowledge of the trends and tastes of her generation to reach an even wider range of pub-goers,” he says.

The New Barrack Tavern has regular music and comedy nights and holds an unbroken 13 year listing in the Campaign for Real Ale’s Good Beer Guide.