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We recently launched our latest beer in the Nottinghamian Celebration Ale range at the Vat and Fiddle, to honour the life and work of the beer's namesake 'Sir Peter Mansfield'

“And a pint and half of Mansfield, please”…

…. the phrase of the day at the Vat and Fiddle party to launch ‘Sir Peter Mansfield’, our autumn season Nottinghamian Celebration Ale.  The beer, which honours the memory of the Nobel laureate, engineer and Nottingham-based MRI pioneer, Sir Peter Mansfield, is a traditional Nottingham-style five malt bitter.

The unique recipe was created in a joint endeavour by Castle Rock’s Dan Mason and Matt Davies, a graduate of the University of Nottingham’s International Centre for Brewing Science.

Attended by Sir Peter’s family, former colleagues from the University of Nottingham’s MRI research team, brewing science lecturers and friends, the beer tasting part of the launch brought universal praise for the young brewers’ skills.  Professor Peter Morris CBE, former head of the Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre, University of Nottingham, and a colleague of Sir Peter, said he was sure the beer would have been ‘thoroughly enjoyed by Sir Peter.”

NCA Mansfield family 2 (l-r)   Brewers Dan Mason and Matt Davies, grandson Matt Haywood, daughter Gill Haywood, Brett Haywood, Professor David Cook of the brewery school, Professor Peter Morris, retired MRI pioneer

Castle Rock Brewer Jon Edger, who began as a trainee brewer at Mansfield Brewery said: “I never expected to say, ‘and a pint of Mansfield’ again after my first brewery closed in 2002.   It’s a superb beer and worthy of the man and its Nottinghamshire heritage.”

The launch was attended by members of Sir Peter’s family including his daughter Gill, his grandson Matt and son in law Brett.

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