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Castle Rock Brewery has announced plans to brew a new series of beers to celebrate the city’s and county’s heroes, heroines, leaders and celebrities through a range of real ales to be called Nottinghamian Celebration Ales. Four ales a year will bear the name, and highlight the significance, of a famous son or daughter who was either born in the city or county or who adopted it as their home.

Alan Sillitoe, Nottingham’s most distinguished contemporary writer, will be the first Nottinghamian to be fêted. His eponymous ale will be launched in a day of celebration of his life and works at the Council House and across Nottingham on Saturday 2 October. Beer drinkers will be able to sample the beer at pubs and bars across the city knowing that part of the cost will be donated to the official appeal fund to build a statue in his honour.

Colin Wilde, Castle Rock’s commercial director says there will be four Nottinghamian Celebration Ales each year. “Each will be different in character and taste, but all will promote the greatest Nottingham and Nottinghamshire people and the benefits they’ve brought the world. The beers will proudly display their origin from the home of Robin Hood.

“Already there are plans to celebrate the life and work of the mathematician, George Green, the rose grower, Harry Wheatcroft, and Albert Ball VC. Others will come from the world of sport, learning, the arts and commerce. The good news is that Nottingham more than pulls its weight in the world celebrity rankings, and so I see this as a range than can run and run.”