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Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, the charity supported by Castle Rock Brewery and its customers, is counting its birds of prey and inviting local people to help report their numbers and whereabouts. The trust’s Raptor Watch which aims to establish how many buzzards, sparrow hawks and peregrine falcons are setting up home in the city and suburbs, began over a beer at Castle Rock’s Vat and Fiddle pub.

And what a beer – Merlin is the month’s Natural Selection beer, one of 12 brewed throughout the year to highlight the work of the wildlife group. On hand was Alex Rotton of Keyworth who suggested the name of the beer. His reward was a mini cask of the ale and the trust’s grateful thanks.

“While the only merlin you’re likely to spot in Nottingham is the one from Castle Rock Brewery, you’d be surprised at the number and locations of other city based birds of prey. It’s important we find where they are and how well they’re faring,” says Erin McDaid, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s communications manager.

Alex Rotton gets his just deserts from the Vat’s Dan Gilliland and Lucy Wallington, the trust’s wildlife in the city project officer.