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This June, Mikron Theatre Company bring to the stage ‘Canary Girls: Heroes on the Home Front’. Funny, heartfelt and tender. Mikron presents a tale of two sisters well and truly at war.



We’ve been supporters of Mikron Theatre Company since Castle Rock (then ‘Tynemill’) began in the seventies, over at the Old Kings Arms in Newark. James Halfpenny, manager of the Poppy, says: ‘The first time I saw a Mikron production was at the Swan in the Rushes about twenty years ago. Their plays are usually based on historical periods, with light hearted comedy and usually lots of tears too!’

2016 marks 45 years of Mikron, and the company is performing at a whopping 150 venues this touring season. Travelling by canal, river and road, Mikron reach audiences that other companies don’t… so we’re thrilled to be hosting these extraordinary talents at the Poppy & Pint once again.

On Wednesday 15th June, Mikron will be delving into the lives of women munition workers in the first world war with: ‘Canary Girls: Heroes on the Home Front’. Written by Laurence Peacock and directed by Marianne McNamara, Canary Girls explores the lives of sisters Rose and Lizzie in summer 1914:

Summer 1914.

Sisters Rose and Lizzie work as maids, a world of deference, bed-making and poor pay. When war breaks, adventure-seeking Rose becomes a shell worker, persuading her procedure loving sister Lizzie, to follow her to a world offering more money, exciting work and union activity. It seems like a new start.

But as the sisters discover the dangers of shell work, they realise their dreams are pulling in opposite directions.

As old and new worlds collide on the factory floor, each sister must ultimately decide, which takes more courage – following your dreams, or giving them up for the ones you love?

Funny, heartfelt and tender. Mikron presents a tale of two sisters well and truly at war.

The aims of Mikron is to present original and accessible theatre, taking on subjects that are thought provoking, educational, and translate history and contemporary social movements into entertaining drama. Mikron strive to nurture new talent, and encourage the development of skills in theatrical writing, performance, and touring theatre management. Basically, not only are their productions excellent, but so are their ethics, and that’s something to really support. Check out the Mikron website to learn more by clicking here.

Mikron Theatre Company don’t sell tickets for their shows, instead they ask you donate what you deem appropriate at the end of the show. So please pop over to the Poppy & Pint on the 15th June, and see what we’re banging on about. You’re in for a great evening.