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After successfully pulping and zesting 310 grapefruits, we can confirm that Traffic Street #9 ENJOY YOURSELF is on its way.

Monday 26th September marked the day when brewers, sales reps, office staff and pub managers came together with a unified goal: to peel and zest 310 grapefruits ready to add to the FV of what is soon to become Enjoy Yourself, no doubt the most popular Traffic Street beer to date. It was a gruelling task, with the central bin for discarded pith acting like a campfire while we regailed life stories to each other.

Castle Rock's Sarah Halpin won the competition of longest single peel.

Castle Rock’s Sarah Halpin won the competition of longest single peel.

Enjoy Yourself is a refreshing grapefruit pale ale, a zingy and juicy grapefruit backdrop supports the hop bill of the “three Cs” – Cascade, Centennial and Chinook. Thanks to the simple ingenuity of cable ties, we were able to suspend 60kg of grapefruit goodness into the FV which will now infuse for several days before transfer to rack tank.

Although Traffic Street is about moving forward, we couldn’t turn down an opportunity to re-brew Enjoy Yourself, which sold out within a week last time. The beer itself will be available in cask as well as conditioned in KeyKeg – and will be one of the beers we’re excited to showcase at this year’s Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival at the Traffic Street Trailer.

Castle Rock and NTU's Will Bailey with Traffic Street Dan.

Castle Rock and NTU’s Will Bailey with Traffic Street Dan.

Word on the street is both the Vat and Fiddle and the Canalhouse will be serving this in early October as well… Watch this space for updates or follow us on Twitter (@Traffic_Street / @TSSDroid)

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