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We've been busy bees today! Beginning by planting seeds at St. Mary's Church, we then headed back to load up a beer delivery. Only this time, we packed barrels on to a couple of WEGO Couriers' ultra-low emission cargo bikes.

WEGO Couriers’ ultra-low emission cargo bikes

We often think of city-living as synonymous with hustle and bustle, fast-paced until the traffic hits, and that getting close to nature means retreating from the concrete jungle.

This morning felt a little different though.

Armed with ‘bee bombs’ – nifty little pellets containing hundreds of seeds for nearly 20 different species of wildflower – spades and rakes, we met with some key people that were eager to help us achieve our ambitions of the last few summers now: to create bee-friendly gardens in all of our pubs.

Arriving at the Kean’s Head we were greeted by manager Dave Coxon, Dave Stretton from Nottingham City Council and Rachel at St. Mary’s Church, all of whom have been instrumental in helping us to achieve our goal at the Kean’s Head – a pub without a garden no less!

While this is true, make a beeline out of the front door and you’ll find yourself staring at the magnificent St. Mary’s Church. Between the three of them, areas of land surrounding the church had been identified and prepped ready for planting.

Our aim is to introduce bees and increase biodiversity. Biodiversity (the multitude of all living things on Earth) is crucial. Crucial to ensuring stability in ecosystems; in ensuring the air we breathe is full of oxygen and the water we drink is clean. As we all know, bees act as pollinators, meaning the more there are, the more everything else has a chance to grow and spread!

Anyone over the age of 70 has lived to see 97% of Native British Wildflower habitat vanish. So, we’re trying to do our bit to bring them back and give the bees what they need to thrive. Find the link to the bee bombs and what the guys behind them are all about here. Our good friends at the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust tell us herb gardens work just as well.

Dave from the Kean’s and Dave from Nottingham City Council planting the bee bombs

Seeds planted, it was back to the brewery to test run the latest of our eco ventures.

Our green king, Pete McWilliam has been talking to our neighbours WEGO for a while now, impressed with their electrically assisted bikes for all sorts of reasons. And today, he and Chrissie, our brewery’s new warehouse and logistics manager welcomed them into the yard to deliver their first barrels to the Barley Twist.

We’re very excited about working with WEGO. The bikes will reduce the need for us to send out our vans, especially for small-scale deliveries, allowing us to reconfigure van routes for maximum efficiency. No more short journeys!

It’s more economical for one of the bikes to take a small delivery and it’s better for the environment. It’s a no-brainer. This is the first step towards purchasing our own electric vehicles, something that’s very much part of our vision for the company’s future.

The bikes will take small loads as far at the Poppy and Pint in Lady Bay, the Bread and Bitter in Mapperley, and they’ll also drop Castle Rock deliveries to external pubs, too.

You can find out more about the WEGO Couriers here.

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