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Lincolnshire Poacher regular, Terry Humphries, wants to win a beer delivery record. He has asked the, as yet, unappointed Castle Rock Records Committee to acknowledge his claim for supping the furthest travelled pint of draught Harvest Pale. The quest is currently being discussed by Lincolnshire Poacher manager, Karen Williams, and others at the brewery keen to see their beers get a worldwide following.

Poacher regular, Terry Humphries, sips draught Harvest Pale at Nerac in the South of France.

Terry carried the 9 gallon cask of Castle Rock Harvest Pale, which became a more impressive 41 litres on its arrival in France, to help celebrate an old friend’s nuptials in the southern French town of Nerac. He believes that he and the newly married couple, Mick and Jocelyn Jones, and their guests may be the most remote people so far to have drunk draught Harvest Pale. The ale made a journey of 845 miles from the brewery to the party site. Terry says, “It seemed only right that a cask of Harvest Pale should be the guest of honour. It travelled wonderfully and tasted (almost) as good as the pint at the Poacher.”

Now the challenge is on – who can beat this?

Andy Eddison – who packed the opener?

Already, Harvest Pale in its bottled form has been enjoyed by Nottingham rugby fan, Andy Eddison, at the Hong Kong Sevens where he toasted the teams’ success from ‘The Peak’, the former colony’s favourite view point. Delivery: 6,115 miles and carried as part of his 22kg flight allowance.