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Things are finally starting to feel a bit wintery, aren’t they? We find whenever a change in season comes, it seems to bring new feelings and a fresh perspective on things. So, as the clocks roll back on another year, we are reflecting on the meaning of what we do. Be it creating great beer or thinking up the formula for the perfect pub.

Without getting too deep, we think pubs are a shining light in the community. Not only do they bring people together to share drink, food and memories, they also provide an essential space for community groups to meet or even form.

Pubs are hubs.

Our pubs always have been and always will be rooted in the community. We are proud to offer events like the Heron Music Café at the Poppy and Pint, which works to bring together those with mental health difficulties and dementia through music. Or hobby and interest groups like the free ‘Painting Perfect’ classes at the Swan in the Rushes or A Pint and a Half of Vinyl nights at the Barley Twist. Both being examples of places for like-minded individuals to come together, to meet new people and explore common interests. The list goes on!

Many of our pubs also offer social opportunities once inside, with board games on hand at the Barley Twist, Fox & Grapes, Poppy and Pint and more (just ask at the bar). Bar billiards at the Newshouse is free on a Thursday and we even have an original Skittles Alley at the Embankment which is available to book for parties at an affordable price, perfect for families, friends or co-workers. Our pubs used for regular chess meets, table-top roleplaying game nights, bridge, and so much more. These are just some of the reasons why we believe pubs to be so much more than what’s available behind the bar. They are places for people to unite and connect with one another.

This year, we hope the humble pub might play a role in making winter a little easier, and a little more enjoyable! For everyone, from the designated driver, to those feeling the pinch of the cost of living, to those living alone and looking for company.

The Castle Rock Collective.

It has also been over a year now since we launched our app. The Castle Rock App allows users to accumulate points as they spend, to be redeemed as money off their bill when they choose. It also works to bring discounts and offers to the table, year-round.

The app has allowed us to run initiatives like the Kean’s Head’s ‘Drive Safe’ December. Aimed at all those that would prefer not to drink over the festive period, the Kean’s Head is offering 10% off all no/low alcohol drinks in the run-up to Christmas. And for those that want to keep it going into the New Year, a number of our pubs will also be awarding triple points to all app users on low/no alcohol products throughout January and February. (The Embankment, Fox and Grapes, Canalhouse, Stratford Haven and Vat and Fiddle, if you were wondering.)

The app provides a central platform for our customers to explore what we have to offer and adds value to every visit. On its most basic level, it allows every checked in customer to earn points as they spend which can be redeemed as money off their bill in the future. It shows customers where they can save and when. It acts as a notice board, showcasing the many events our pubs host, from free live music to where to book your Sunday roast.

So, now more then ever, we would like to welcome you into our pubs. If you just need a cosy place with the heating on and good company, a venue to celebrate the Christmas cheer with a festive feast, somewhere for the office social, or perhaps just a good time to spend all the points you’ve accumulated through the app(!) – our doors are open.


If you have your own ideas about what makes your local pub special, we’d love to hear from you. Join in the conversation on social media using the hashtag, #loveyourlocal. Don’t forget to tag us!

Aside from that, we want to wish you all a positive and enjoyable last few weeks of 2023 and hope you enjoy the festive period, whatever you decide to do.

To learn more about the Castle Rock App or to download it, tap here.

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